FINCO Search - Global Retained Search Partner, Headhunter, and Recruitment Advisor to the Financial Services Industry

'Choose certainty over chance.'

FINCO Search is an international search and selection headhunting firm providing market mapping data-driven search solutions to hiring managers across the global Financial and Regulatory markets. 

In other words, we are experienced recruiters and headhunters serving the Financial Services sector, solving strategic and senior hiring problems on behalf of our clients. Utilising a research and data analysis approach we are able to seek out talent from all media and information sources, working tirelessly to provide access to the widest pool of applicable profiles.

Using a talented team of researchers and headhunters, we have the resources and experience to deliver truly effective international recruitment solutions. 

100% Retention Rate
backed by a 12-Month Guarantee

How We Work With Our Clients

The way we work with clients is uniquely different from most of our competitors. We believe in working on a Retained Search basis, using a market mapping methodology that identifies talent from the whole pool, not just the shallow end. Here’s a snapshot of our approach to the hiring process and how we work with and manage expectations with our clients. 

Market Mapping

We undertake an extensive market mapping exercise of the competition through headhunting and extraction techniques to give clients access to the best talent in their sector, regardless of their visibility to the public hiring markets. Market mapping is crucial to any campaign as it provides an open and realistic overview of the current market within each sector of the industry.

Collaboration Approach

Our nominated Retained Search team interact with all stakeholders in the hiring process, from Board Members to Line Managers and even HR. This collaborative approach is consistent throughout the campaign and for 12 months post-placement. 


Our guaranteed hire model ensures a dedicated search team who work on each individual client’s mandate until the position is filled with no conflicting internal targets and measures. We don’t bother sending pointless CVs through to clients simply so consultants can hit a target. We ensure all potential candidates have something to offer the role they are being considered for.

Transparency of Action

No more now knowing what is happening with your search. We give our clients full and real-time visibility of our market mapping results and research data using bespoke market research document access. At any point during the campaign, we can offer actual data to back up our actions, show clients our progress to date and share details of candidates we are reviewing.


We guarantee our results on every vacancy and campaign we accept, consulting closely on “unicorn hires” and other rare and complicated roles. With a 100% successful fulfilment rate, we are completely invested and dedicated to every role we take on, and will work tirelessly to complete the challenge set by the client.

Security & Confidence

Most of the searches we conduct are deemed ‘critical hires’ and so it is essential that clients having peace of mind in the process. We stay with each client for 12 months after the initial hire so that if something doesn’t work out within that year, we replace the candidate free of cost.

Why We Get Results

With industry experience in excess of 30 years, we have worked with ALL recruitment methodologies and seen the benefits and pitfalls of each during this time. 

When establishing our own methodology, we knew that working on a retained search basis, rather than a contingent basis (which is what most of our competitors do) was the best way forward. Still, the standard industry retained search model had its flaws too.

As a result, we have developed our own retained search model that is entirely client-driven to ensure a successful hire each time.  

The vast majority of search/recruitment agency businesses in the financial services sector utilise a multi-client, database driven recruitment model which requires their traders/brokers/analysts etc. to be introduced to a number of potential hiring firms concurrently. This is key in a contingent volume driven market for agencies to ensure revenue, but it means recycled candidates and a lack of exclusivity for hiring firms; not to mention the firms that end up hiring the candidate are subsidising the ones who didnt.

Our business was built on the reverse premise, taking specific clients to market to a wide network of candidates exclusively. This means our clients get full visibility of the entire market and we can actively poach from competition without worrying about commercial conflict or burning bridges.

A key comparison summary is detailed below:

Guaranteed Search by FINCO

* Complete market map for each hire
* Information on and access to ALL applicable profiles, not just the active ones
* Full transparency on all search activity
* Dedicated industry experienced search team in your sector focused on delivering results
* 24/7 collaboration with all client stakeholders through shared documents and worksheets
* We choose to work with only a small number of clients in each product sector/geography to maintain credibility when headhunting
* Committed to a Guaranteed Hire EVERY time
* 12-month free replacement security

No Win No Fee Contingent Search

* No dedicated resource - time allowed on the search based upon internal metrics
* Commitment sustained in line with ease of filling the role - "no win, no fee"
* Speed vs Quality - get CVs out quickly and move on to other active roles on their jobs list
* Work with as many clients as possible in the same sector to hedge success
* Internally incentivised to drive competitive and NOT collaborative behaviour
* Limited financial compensation for failed hires with additional costs incurred for re-hiring for the same position
* NO Guarantees
* Hire subject to serendipity


Refer to our page on Retained Search to find out more about this executive search model, and how it works for our clients.

Extraction Search - the other option when you know exactly who you want.

Sometimes you know exactly who you want, by name. You simply need a dedicated and experienced headhunter to represent your company professionally to make the respective introduction to complete the hiring process. This is the essence of Extraction Search

Our executive search consultants have a wealth of experience in dealing with such matters, professionally, discreetly, and with intent. If this is what you’re after, we can work with you to make it happen. 

Our Expertise

FINCO Search provides executive and strategic search solutions to all asset classes within the financial markets and to all senior management risk and compliance functions within the regulatory markets. 

Our specialist teams work closely with brokerages, wealth managers, asset managers, private banks and family offices.

A truly international business we place all around the world (see chart opposite).

Please get in touch with us to arrange a one-to-one consultation to discuss your hiring needs, how we work and how we can support your organisational growth. 

FINCO International Reach

Our Commitment To Sustainability

We recognise that sustainability and ESG is of increasing importance to the global financial markets.

Here at FINCO Search we wanted to make sure that we are doing as much as we can to support this.  As a result we have partnered with specialist charity Ripple Africa, and through them, we work with our clients to offset carbon emissions by planting a designated number of trees for every confirmed placement. 

Ripple Africa also works with local people in Malawi on various different projects working with the local communities to educate and support activities that combat deforestation.

Please see our sustainability page for further information, or speak to us directly. 

Commitment to sustainability with Ripple Africa