Partner Fee Structures

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Retained Search Structure

Representative example based upon an estimated remuneration package of 100,000USD at a recruitment fee of 35%.  All fees are based on a percentage of total remuneration and will vary by position.

Date Payable: Upon search commencement

Fee value: One third of total fee
11,666 USD

Date Payable: N/A – Pushed to success based final fee 

Fee value: Inclusive in Success Fee

Date Payable: 14 days after the successful hire joins the business

Fee Value: Two thirds of total fee
23,333 USD


Date: 12 month guarantee begins on the day the successful hire joins the business.  Inclusive replacement hire should a candidate not work out within 12 months of start date.  Replacement hires are not subject to excess fees and regardless of final salary, there will be no additional fees payable.

Retained Search from FINCO Search: 

For full details on the depth of our retained search offering then please go directly to this page by clicking here

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Outsourced Talent Acquisition

Representative example based upon expected minimum hire of 10 personnel per annum.  All agreements are bespoke to the planned hiring volumes and specific headcount acquisition targets of our clients. 

Date Payable: Fixed price monthly retainedamount as an all-inclusive fee

Fee value: One third of total fee
10,000 – 20,000 USD

Rebate Schedule:  Inclusive replacements for any hires that do not work out.

SLA: Agreed in line with client expectations on volume and timescales

Performance Bonus: For extractions, new teams and desks in addition to regular talent acquisition mandates

Fee Value: Bespoke to client needs 


Date: Guarantee forms part of ongoing SLA agreement; ensuring all hires are made within agreed timeframes and any staff exiting the business are replaced. 

No specified time limit on this whilst retained Talent Aquisition agreement is in place.

Retained Talent Acquisition from FINCO Search: 

To find out more about the benfits of outsourcing your talent acquisition please contact our partners on +44 203 927 5080

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Bespoke Outsourced Search

All of our clients are structured differently, with different growth ambitions, ongoing requirements and priorities.  Few of our recruitment agreements are ‘standard’ and we regularly put together bespoke agreements for specific mandates, ongoing recruitment outsourcing or FINCOLOGY analysis.

For bespoke agreements, our partners will arrange the necessary meetings, video calls and project management outlines to provide a service that satisfies your requirements, within budget.  Contact our outsourced search specialists here.