Retained Search Solution

Retained Recruitment Solutions Guaranteed 

We take away the uncertainity and unpredictability of output that a standard recruitment firm delivers by presenting tailored retained search and selection services through unrivalled data mapping techniques.  We also guarantee each hire for 12-months to each of our select clients in the Asset Management, Wealth Management (incorporating Private Banking and Family Offices), Brokerage, Investment Advisory and FinTech industry sectors.  

FINCO Search is a specialist in recruitment project mapping/project management and offer a full 360 degree managed recruitment service, taking ownership of advertising, sourcing and candidate negotiations/on-boarding.   We believe the contingency market can often represent an over-brokered and under-serviced recruitment model that leads to speed over quality and often a race to the bottom.  Our retained search solution offers our clients a full partnership on strategic and critical hires where we take the full responsibility of getting the right candidate on the desk in a time-efficient manner.

FINCO Search operates on a strict framework and workflow for our clients utilising our retained search function.  Prior to any search taking place, we take time to meet our clients and understand their business structure, culture and what makes them tick to ensure that we are not only resourcing the best passive talent in the market, but that we are screening our candidates on a fit way beyond their CV.  A true recruitment partner has to be able to extend a brand as though they are one, and only with a true understanding of the brand can they begin to provide a true value added and suitable recruitment solution. 

Our retained searches consist of an end to end, consultative and surgical level approach which we have detailed below.  Let us be clear; retained searches guarantee a dedicated consultant and headhunter/researcher, specific to your firm and hire, until we have placed the position with you.  

Our consultants are proud to have a 100% fill rate on retained searches. 

What makes our Retained Search service unique?

  • 12-month replacement guarantee on all retained placements
  • Transparent shortlisting, market mapping and research stage; we allow our clients access to the data and research we generate as part of the search
  • Collaboration; our clients are critical to the success of a search and we work together on ideas, potential targets and best practice to ensure the highest success rates possible
  • 100% retention rate; we have a 100% retention rate on retained placements to date
  • Sustainability at the heart of the recruitment process.  We plant trees for clients that choose our sustainability offering
  • Multiple points of contact.  Unlike many of our peers, you will be assigned a search team for your recruitment project, not just an individual.

How does it work?

Retained Search Project Mapping Wealth Management
Project Mapping

Project Management is key to our retained searches.  Placing timescales and metrics on the search process ensures that we are working to an agreed schedule and everybody knows what to expect and when to expect it.  We will arrange a project mapping call with the hiring manager to discuss the process from start to finish, arranging interview slots and structures ahead of time. 

Private Banking and Wealth Management Job Advertising FINCO Search Headhunter
Managed Advertising Campaign

In the infancy of the search process, FINCO Search work closely with hiring managers, HR teams and colleagues of the incoming individual to formulate a targeted advertising campaign.  Involving more than a job description, but an advert that portrays your brand, culture and growth plans to attract passive candidates who share the same motivations and goals as the business itself.

Research Phase

A retained search means an atomic level research project, mapping competitors and looking at talent that exceeds expectations but may be “passive”.  We involve our research team from day one, utilising their deep experience on x-ray, Boolean and deep data searches to identify talent that may not be in the public arena through targeted headhunts, extraction methods and referrals.

Candidates Screening

Screening takes place from the research phase, identifying a suitable pool of candidates to target and extract for the position.  Our consultants deep screen candidates across their professional suitability, experience, culture, motivations and long term career goals to ensure an accurate match with the needs of our client. 

Wealth Management and Private Banking Candidate Screening FINCO Search Headhunter

From our screening process, we then go back and do a deep dive into each candidate, the screening notes and information to filter the list into a shortlist which we present to the client for their review.  This brings our initial research findings from circa 100 candidates down to a final shortlist of 8-12 candidates dependent on our clients requirements.

FINCO Search Candidates for Wealth Management / Private Banking and Compliance Jobs
Introductions / Cover Notes

We believe a CV shows more than just text and images.  It offers an insight into a candidates mindset, attention to detail and personality.  We add a detailed coversheet to our candidates CV’s identifying their key facts, figures, notice period and our screening comments to give our clients a quick reference guide.  We don’t, however, doctor or edit the candidates CV, giving you a clear and unadulterated view of the candidates profile. 

FINCO Search Retained Recruitment Interview Arrangements / Preparation
Interview Arrangements

Once we have discussed our shortlist with our clients and they have made a decision on the candidates with whom they’d like to speak, we assist in arranging interviews and can arrange for videos to take place where a candidate is internationally based.  Our consultants can also assist on arranging flights/hotels for international candidates to meet the team face to face. 

Deal negotiation wealth management private banking
Offer and Contract Negotiations

At offer stage, our consultants can talk the client through contracts preparation, salary expectations and bonus structure where needed and present the offer to the candidate and run them through the contract/details.  We act as an intermediary during the offer stage to ensure the relationship between client and candidate remains unaffected by negotiations. 

Gauranteed Hire / Replacement

Once the offer is accepted and our candidate begins working with you, should the candidate leave for any reason (other than redundancy) during the rebate period, FINCO Search can offer a free replacement from the retained shortlist at no extra fee; guaranteeing the security of the team/organisation in the event of an engagement not working out.  To date, we have never had to utilise this backstop, but we include it in all of our retained searches for our clients peace of mind. 

Retained Payment Structure

Most recruitment firms charge in thirds for their retained searches.  This includes a payment to produce a shortlist on top of the engagement fee.  This means that clients have paid 66% of the fee before they’ve even spoken to a candidate.  We do not believe that represents good value to our clients and prefer to back ourselves on success.  We only charge a maximum of 33% of the fee on engagement, and that covers shortlist and interview costs in one.  The remainder of the fee is only due on success.  

Furthermore we also include, for sales based positions, a proportion of the success-based element of the placement fee beyond the start date and up to 12 months in duration to reflect the revenue generating accomplishments of the hired individual/team.  

AND don’t forget that all searches are backed by our 12-month guarantee giving you clarity on costs for the entire hire process.

Next Steps

For an exploratory discussion around your specific requirements you can speak to an expert advisor in confidence.  You will be directed to a partner who knows the relevant market information to your sector.

FINCO Search will then deliver to you a suitable proposal for review after an initial Teams consultation with all interested stakeholders.

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