Feasibility Studies

Feasibility Studies

Our consultants have worked with firms globally looking at new offices and trading geographies across the financial markets, including post-Brexit analysis on new offices in London.  We can put together a suite of products across our talent, market mapping, talent attraction and salary bench-marking services to generate a detailed feasibility report that is strong enough to put in front of investors and senior directors to help inform decisions. 

We try to take some of the unknown out of new projects by arming our clients with the information they need to make informed choices in their growth plans.  Our packages are bespoke to our clients, every time. 
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Salary Benchmarking

Salary Benchmarking forms a large part of our financial feasibility studies, giving a clear indication of the realistic outlay on staffing costs on base salary, bonus, benefits, pensions, holiday and any local jurisdiction mandatory benefits.  We conduct this in a niche market across our clients business and ensure we keep this in line with our clients upcoming project.

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Market Mapping

Our Financials Market Mapping service is designed to deliver a full market overview to our clients, looking at everything from competitors, their profitability, team size and structure, and the availability of top talent in the region.  We bespoke our market mapping to our clients industry and needs, looking at their current market penetration and USP’s.

Talent Attraction

When looking at new markets, it is critical to understand the brand perception in that geography and look at the viability of competing with existing firms in that market.  We look at the brand perception as well as any issues that could arise around non-competes or restrictive covenants in that particular market as well as the availability of staff. 

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Truly Bespoke

Our access to the financial markets and the talent that lay within allows us to bespoke our products to an atomic level.  Whilst we offer 3 key packages as solutions in their own right, we understand that different clients have very different concerns.  We can structure our products in full consultation with our clients to create one that truly fits. 

FINCOLOGY with Retained Search 

FINCO Search is able to bespoke a package to cover both Feasibility Studies followed by a successful hire(s) for our client, utilising our research team alongside consultants to produce analytics and talent.  
Our consultants and research team work hand in hand to operate both functions to the full complement of each other.  Our researchers and consultants even sit together for the duration of a project to ensure full collaboration. 

To enquire about utilising our FINCOLOGY Analytics please contact one of our recruitment consultants on +44 (0) 203 927 5080 or email us at info@fincosearch.com

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