Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)

Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)

Intermediary Services 

The Partners at FINCO Search have over 30 years of experience in the acquisition of specialist talent to fulfil strategic hiring decisions on an individual and or team basis and have developed an extensive array of befitting services that provide for these.  

This experience has also taught us, however,  that to achieve ambitions of scale  through product or geographical expansion on some occasions requires a more direct approach.  On these occasions the best course of action is that of a discussion around a merger or acquisition of a business or part of a business.

FINCO Search has many years’ experience of acting as intermediary on mergers and acquisitions as a result of intelligence generated from the market mapping stage of hiring processes as well as acting specifically upon information given on pre-identified targets by clients where appropriate.

A bespoke business interrogation process to confirm suitability is carried out prior to any initial contact with business owners. A detailed questionnaire, with measurable characteristics, is planned in partnership with our clients for use at this stage.

This negates any unnecessary time being wasted on entities that do not complement or add value to the existing business.

Once suitability has been ascertained, if not already pre-ordained, then initial contacts are made through the following:

  • Business Media introductions
  • Contact Referrals from existing network
  • Direct approach

Discretion and confidentiality is again a pre-requisite of successfully managing the process and this is where the advantage of working with a Headhunting firm as an intermediary rather than a Consultancy makes sense.

As a professional intermediary our role in this process is to establish suitability and interest, make the introductions and then get out of the way and let the legal teams take over.

It is not uncommon for additional requirements to any M&A activity to emanate from the process. These tend to be in the form of additional strategic hires as a complement to the acquired/merged entity to fill in any perceived talent gaps.

It is recognised that an M&A process can take some time to realise a suitable conclusion sometimes requiring a partial or full revision of work carried out to date.

In full awareness of this possibility FINCO Search coordinates its processes and associated costings to reflect such eventualities. 

Each assignment is tailored to the bespoke requirements of each client after an initial consultation which can be booked directly with a partner of the firm.  

For further information on the Mergers and Acquisitions intermediary services from FINCO Search then please contact us:

EUROPE +44 203 927 5080
USA +1 646 813 9703
APAC +65 3158 1080

Our Sister Brand

FINCO Search is partnered with the commodity headhunter, Imperium Commodity Search under the MET Recruitment umbrella.  Visit Imperium Commodity Search


If you are considering your options in order to increase the scale of your business in a particular product or geographical location then FINCO Search is ideally situated to support you in this  space.

Whether you are looking at a strategic hire, a team move or a part or full merger/acquisition then our partners are well placed to impart their knowledge of the sector to support your ambitions.

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If you have knowledge or interest in being part of a strategic Team Move from your current organisation or have specific information in relation to an openness at your firm for a discussion on a merger or acquisition then you can contact FINCO Search in confidence. 

With absolute discretion, with NDAs if required, we can steer your next move/opportunity in the direction which best serves your ambitions. 

Send us a message and a Partner of the firm will come back to you at your convenience.

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