Best in Class Recruitment

Recruitment is booming!

In the last 10 years the recruitment industry has sustained a steady growth. However, in 2017, nearly 6,000 new recruitment agencies launched, exceeding the previous year by at least 20%.

But already in 2018 close to 2,000 agencies have started up, showing this could be a record year for launches. On comparison to last year already the figures have increased by 9% putting the total number of recruitment agencies at 37,052!

Most recruitment agencies that have recently started to operate have been in the following sectors;

  • IT and Technology
  • Engineering
  • Manufacturing
  • Healthcare
  • Construction

With so many Agencies setting up, as a candidate looking for a new role, how do you spot the best and avoid working with a bad one?

  • Is there a fee? As a candidate you should never have to pay a fee when joining an agency, the hiring client pays a fee to the agency…not you!
  • Is your consultant poorly informed? If they’re not the best, the chance is they’re not going to give you the best chance at finding a job.
  • Are you getting asked too many information probing questions not relevant to helping you find a new role? This is thinly disguising their attempt at the generation of leads that they will then use for sales purposes.
  • Do they present you with a false time pressure … ‘if you don’t accept now, you will lose the opportunity?’ Truth is, this is rarely the case so don’t feel bullied into a quick response.
  • Is the agency hiding facts about the job? If you feel aspects are being hidden, get a full job spec in writing to be safe.

Recruiters are often the gateway to a company where you want to be. But recruiters aren’t always easy to work with and can come with a lot of complaints;

“They say they will call back but never do”

“They never give feedback. Once a job is filled, the other candidates don’t exist”

“The job didn’t exist. I filled out my details, spoke to a recruiter and was told someone would be in touch if a position came up”

This isn’t to say everyone should be tarnished with the same brush.

A lot of recruiters work very hard to place the best people in a role while keeping the candidates feeling valued and involved.

The best agencies will;

  • Build relationships- if you don’t get the position applied for, they will gracefully turn the rejection into a relationship by sending out post- interview rejection information. They should remember the small details from interactions to make emails more personal.
  • Be transparent- Even if there are aspects of the role that aren’t that pretty or appealing, your recruiter should fully educate you regarding the role you are being put forward for
  • Not force you into applying for positions your aren’t sure about
  • Have a genuine interest in you gaining employment through one of the roles they are recruiting for
  • Be approachable and listen to what you have to say

If you have any queries into how agencies operate please don’t hesitate to contact us on Additionally if you are seeking work or wish to know about one of our roles have a look at our website or you can also call one of our specialist Recruiters on 03333449100.