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Specialist Recruiters and Headhunters of Financial Technology (Fintech) professionals globally

We help firms grow and succeed, by helping secure senior leaders and strategic hires for Fintech ventures, all-stage startups and global financial services organisations.

Identifying the best talent for our clients

In the continually evolving financial services landscape, Fintech and Insurtech professionals find themselves at the forefront of this change.

With the surge in digital financial solutions, skilled individuals are highly sought-after.  We understand the intricacies of Fintech business models and strategies, thanks to our investment and experience across the sector. This deep understanding enables us to identify exceptional leaders and strategic talent with the specific skill sets necessary to thrive in this challenging and dynamic field.

We’re experts in Search, where our 30+ years of experience aligns seamlessly with the fast-paced realm of financial technology. As unique contributors in the fintech talent acquisition space, we utilise industry leading and data driven market mapping techniques to identify and connect professionals who are adept at leveraging disruptive technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, robo-advisory, digital payments, and decentralized finance (DeFi).

Our extensive industry networks, coupled with a deep understanding of the unique challenges that Fintech firms face, enable us to connect visionary individuals with organisations at the forefront of innovation, driving the next wave of transformative solutions in this exciting arena of the financial services sector.

The sectors we cover within Financial Technology are detailed below: 

Cards & Payments
Challenger Banking
Neo Banking
Digital Investing

Digital Lending
Embedded Finance

In an increasingly interconnected world, identifying and attracting transformative talent is paramount to an organisation’s success. Our specialty lies in sourcing, headhunting, and placing the highest calibre of senior leadership and C-suite executives across a broad range of industries.

Leveraging our global network, deep industry knowledge, and sophisticated search methodologies, we strive to find those unique individuals who possess not just the right skills and experience but also the vision and drive to lead your organisation forward. Our experienced team understands the strategic impact that top-tier executives can have on a business. From reshaping organizational culture to driving growth and innovation, we’re committed to helping you find the leaders of tomorrow, today. 

We provide bespoke services based upon our extensive knowledge of both recruitment methodologies and our sector specific experience.  Our Private Banking clients require a bespoke, targeted approach, based on client base, geography, type and office set up – we utilise a research led, headhunt approach to allow us to identify, source, screen and introduce the best talent in the market to our clients. 

We take away the uncertainty and unpredictability of output that a standard recruitment firm delivers by presenting tailored retained search and selection services through unrivalled data mapping techniques.  We also guarantee each hire for 12-months to each of our select clients in the FinTech industry sector.  

FINCO Search is a specialist in recruitment project mapping/project management and offer a full 360 degree managed recruitment service, taking ownership of advertising, sourcing and candidate negotiations/on-boarding.   We believe the contingency market can often represent an over-brokered and under-serviced recruitment model that leads to speed over quality and often a race to the bottom.  Our retained search solution offers our clients a full partnership on strategic and critical hires where we take the full responsibility of getting the right candidate on the desk in a time-efficient manner.

FINCO Search operates on a strict framework and workflow for our clients utilising our retained search function.  Prior to any search taking place, we take time to meet our clients and understand their business structure, culture and what makes them tick to ensure that we are not only resourcing the best passive talent in the market, but that we are screening our candidates on a fit way beyond their CV.  A true recruitment partner has to be able to extend a brand as though they are one, and only with a true understanding of the brand can they begin to provide a true value added and suitable recruitment solution. 

Our retained searches consist of an end to end, consultative and surgical level approach. Let us be clear; retained searches guarantee a dedicated consultant and headhunter/researcher, specific to your firm and hire, until we have placed the position with you.  

Our consultants are proud to have a 100% fill rate on retained searches.

For an exploratory discussion around your specific requirements you can speak to an expert advisor in confidence.  You will be directed to a partner who knows the relevant market information to your sector.

FINCO Search will then deliver to you a suitable proposal for review after an initial Teams consultation with all interested stakeholders.

To request a call back please click here or you can reach someone directly on:

EUROPE +44 203 927 5080
USA +1 646 813 9703
APAC +65 3158 1080

Financial Technology Positions

Non-Executive Chair/Non-Executive Director
Chief Executive Officer & MD’s
Chief Financial Officer
Chief Operating Officer
Chief Marketing Officer
Chief Revenue Officer
Chief Compliance Officer
Chief Risk Officer
Chief People Officer
Chief Technology Officer
Chief Cybersecurity Officer
General Counsel
Head of Sales
Head of Marketing
Head of Quant
Senior Data Scientist
Head of Product
Systems Accountant
HR Manager
Senior Software Architect
Head of Lending
Head of Business Support
Head of Customer Service
Senior Financial Analyst
Quantitative Strategist
Technical Analyst
Back-End and DevOps Engineer
Data Engineer
Network Engineer
FPGA Engineer
Plus many more.......


Here at FINCO Search we are retained by our clients to work on an exclusive and confidential basis. 

That often means that with certain clients, we are representing opportunities with them that are not in the public domain for confidentiality reasons.

We predominantly reach out to candidates directly for mandates that we are working on and only advertise roles to ensure our clients have full visibility of the talent landscape for shortlisting.  

Once engaged on a particular position we support all candidates throughout the recruitment process providing a full briefing on the opportunity, the company and all of the people involved in the hiring process. 

Our personalised approach ensures we are best fit for Financial Technology professionals looking for their next career move.

If you are interested in being considered for existing or future mandates in the UK or internationally then please call us now on +44 (0) 203 927 5080 or register your CV online here and one of our Specialist Recruitment Search Consultants will contact you ASAP.

Example FinTech Recruitment Projects

FINCO Search has worked on a wide range of Financial Technology mandates. 

Examples of our recent projects:

CEO | London, United Kingdom
Head of Sales | Zurich
Quantitive Developer | Singapore
Systems Engineer | New York, USA
Cyber Security Engineer | Geneva
Financial Accountant | Boston, USA
Technical Analyst | Munich
Product Manager | Berlin
NED | Dublin, Ireland
Product Manager | Paris
General Counsel | Luxembourg
Head of Regulatory | London, UK

Over the last ten years, technological advances have dramatically lowered the financial bar for starting a new company, but the courage bar for building a great company remains as high as it has ever been. — Ben Horowitz