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Wealth Management Defined

Wealth management is a specialised form of financial advice designed to help individuals, families, and business owners create, preserve, and transfer wealth.

It leverages an array of services such as asset managementtax planningeducation planningestate planninginsurance, retirement planning, and even philanthropic advice to develop an integrated approach to managing a client’s wealth.

Wealth management is centred on helping clients reach their goals by developing customized strategies based on their individual financial situations and needs. It guides the best way to deploy assets for maximum quality of life and long-term financial security.

wealth manager creates an effective plan for any stage of life, from managing day-to-day finances to developing advanced estate plans.

Working with them ensures that finances are organized for long-term success, and that plans are reviewed regularly to accommodate changes in life circumstances such as career transitions, business succession plans, retirement, or major life events like marriage, having children, setting up wills and trusts.

fiduciary is a person or entity entrusted to manage and protect the assets of another. As such, they must place their client’s interests ahead of their own when providing advice or managing investments.

Wealth managers are held to a fiduciary standard. This means they must strictly adhere to the fiduciary duty and not place their own interests ahead of their clients. Their advice should always be for the benefit of their clients.

Many wealth managers can provide services in any aspect of the financial field, but some choose to specialize in particular areas.  A Wealth Manager is ordinarily able to provide the following services to their clients, either directly or through external partnership firms:

Asset Management is the process of managing a portfolio of investments such as stocks, bonds, and other financial instruments. It primarily focuses on ensuring that assets generate a return on investment for clients (Corporate, Institutional and High Net Worth) while minimizing loss exposure.

It uses diversification, rebalancing, and risk management strategies to help clients achieve their desired returns.

Asset managers monitor markets to identify new opportunities and manage portfolios accordingly.

They advise which investments are best for a particular individual or company based on the client’s goals and risk tolerance. They may offer different products such as mutual funds, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), real estate investments, derivatives, and commodities.

Additionally, asset managers may provide advisory services such as risk management, portfolio construction and review, performance monitoring, and tax optimization.

Investment and Financial Advisory firms are focused on providing investment and financial planning advice primarily to retail clients. 

Financial planners provide clients with advice aimed at helping them enhance their wealth and plan for the future.  The services financial planners aid their clients with could include retirement planning, estate planning, investment or insurance planning.

Investment advisors focus on investing and the creation of investment portfolios. While financial planners often engage in investing to a certain degree, advisors take things a step further. This difference shows itself in the form of strategy creation, diversification and asset allocation planning. 

In the UK this category of professionals is called an IFA (Independent Financial Advisor) and in the US it is commonly known as an RIA (Registered Investment Advisor).

Private Banking is a general description for banking, investment and other financial services provided by banks and financial institutions primarily serving high-net-worth individuals (UHNWIs/HNWIs) – those with very high income and/or substantial assets.

The term “private” refers to the type of customer service rendered.  Private Banking is provided on a more personal basis than you will find in mass-market retail or commercial banking, usually via dedicated bank advisers.

It has typically consisted of banking services (deposit taking and payments), discretionary wealth/asset management, brokerage (for the buying and selling of securities and other types of investments), limited tax advisory services and some basic concierge services, typically offered through a gateway provided by a single designated relationship manager.

A Family Office (SFO) is a privately held company that is, or operates just like, a corporation or limited liability company, with officers and a support staff, that handles investment management and wealth management for a family identified as significantly wealthy, typically one with in excess of £50 million in investable assets.

A Family Office provides for multi-generational wealthy families as well as ‘new money’ families who have made their wealth as successful entrepreneurs with the goal being to effectively grow and transfer wealth across present and future generations. The company’s financial capital is the family’s own wealth.

Family offices also may handle tasks such as managing household staff, making travel arrangements, property management, day-to-day accounting and payroll activities, management of legal affairs, family management services, family governance, financial and investor education, coordination of philanthropy and private foundations, and succession planning. 

A multi-family office (MFO) is an independent organization that supports multiple families to manage their entire wealth. Multi-family offices typically provide a variety of services including tax and estate planning, risk management, objective financial counsel, trusteeship, lifestyle management, coordination of professionals, investment advice, and philanthropic foundation management. Some MFOs are also known to offer personal services in the same way as an SFO. 

A multi-family office (MFO) is a commercial enterprise established to meet the investment, estate planning and, in some cases, the lifestyle and tax service needs of affluent families.

MFOs can be created in one of three ways:

  • a single family office opens its doors to additional clients or merges with another single family office
  • as a start up by a team of advisors (typically with some combination of investment, tax and or legal professional credentials)
  • an existing financial institution (most often a bank or brokerage firm) creates an MFO subsidiary or division.

Many MFOs are registered investment advisors, some are trust companies and a handful are accounting or law firms.

FINCO Search provides a comprehensive suite of Recruitment Search and Selection services across all executive and strategic roles within the Wealth Management sector globally.

Guaranteed Search Methodology

Working with FINCO Search takes away the uncertainty and unpredictability of output that a standard recruitment firm delivers by presenting tailored retained search and selection services through unrivalled data mapping techniques. 

We believe the contingency market can often represent an over-brokered and under-serviced recruitment model that leads to speed over quality and often a race to the bottom in respect of delivery. 

Our retained search solution offers our clients a full partnership on strategic and critical hires where we take the full responsibility of getting the right candidate on the desk in a time-efficient manner.

What’s more we also guarantee each hire for 12-months to each of our select clients in the Wealth Management sector.  

FINCO Search is a specialist in recruitment project mapping/project management and offer a full 360 degree managed recruitment service, taking ownership of advertising, sourcing, candidate negotiations and on-boarding.   

FINCO Search operates on a strict framework and workflow for our clients utilising our retained search function.  Prior to any search taking place, we take time to understand our client’s business structure, culture and what makes them tick to ensure that we are not only resourcing the best talent in the market, but that we are screening our candidates on a fit way beyond their CV.  A true recruitment partner must be able to extend a brand as though they are one, and only with a true understanding of the brand can they begin to provide a true value added and suitable recruitment solution. 

Our retained searches consist of an end to end, consultative and surgical level approach. Let us be clear; retained searches guarantee a dedicated consultant and headhunter/researcher, specific to your firm and hire, until we have placed the position with you.  

Our consultants are proud to have a 100% fill rate on retained searches.

For an exploratory discussion around your specific requirements you can speak to an expert advisor in confidence.  You will be directed to a partner who knows the relevant market information to your sector.

FINCO Search will then deliver to you a suitable proposal for review after an initial Teams consultation with all interested stakeholders.

To request a call back please click here or you can reach someone directly on:

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Top 5 Wealth Managers

  1.     UBS 
  2.     Morgan Stanley 
  3.     Bank of America 
  4.     J.P. Morgan 
  5.     Goldman Sachs

Typical Wealth Management Positions…

Investment Manager
Portfolio Manager
Wealth Manager
Private Banker
Relationship Manager
Financial Planner
Client Onboarding Specialist
Financial Analyst
Compliance Manager
Financial Accountant
AML Executive
Business Developer
Trust Manager
Treasury Advisor
Operations Manager

These are just a few examples of positions we recruit for, other positions are available.

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Example Wealth Management Recruitment Projects

FINCO Search has worked on a wide range of Wealth Management  roles globally. 

Examples of our recent projects:

  • Chief Investment Officer | Zurich | Wealth Manager
  • Relationship Manager | Zurich | Wealth Manager
  • Investment Analyst | Singapore | Multi-Family Office
  • Portfolio Manager | New York, USA | SFO
  • Real Estate Analyst | Dublin, Ireland | Wealth Manager
  • Investment Manager | London, United Kingdom | Wealth Manager


Here at FINCO Search we are retained by our clients to work on an exclusive and confidential basis. 

That often means that with certain clients, we are representing opportunities with them that are not in the public domain for confidentiality reasons.

We predominantly reach out to candidates directly for mandates that we are working on and only advertise roles to ensure our clients have full visibility of the talent landscape for shortlisting.  

Once engaged on a particular position we support all candidates throughout the recruitment process providing a full briefing on the opportunity, the company and all of the people involved in the hiring process. 

Our personalised approach ensures we are best fit for Wealth Management professionals looking for their next career move.

If you are interested in being considered for existing or future mandates in the UK or internationally then please call us now on +44 (0) 203 927 5080 or register your CV online here and one of our Specialist Recruitment Search Consultants will contact you ASAP.

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