Team (Desk) Moves

Team Moves (Desk Moves)

Strategic Multiple Extraction Search Services 

FINCO Search has a leading position in the Financial Markets recruitment market in that the focus of our service delivery to our clients is measured more on the revenue and profit generation that we attain from the placements made as opposed to the consultancy and/or placement fees that we may receive in return. 

We do not act as contingent mandated recruiters on a restrained PSL, rather we are engaged as a strategic intermediary and headhunter by Senior Management to facilitate desk and team moves on our clients’ behalf. 

Our Client Relationships are designed to be tactically narrow, allowing us to act on behalf of a select number of fast growth businesses to increase profitability of trading and brokerage desks, rather than spot trading the market to move headcount individually.  

This gives our consultants the ability to place high revenue teams into successful and growing businesses on both  speculative growth and targeted penetration mandates 

To progress a desired move for a desk or team FINCO Search would carry out feasibility studies to ascertain the scope of work required to achieve the wider aspiration of securing multiple hires/teams over a given period.

Project planning for desk and/or team moves needs to take into account that these acquisitions may often involve an absence of a senior strategic hire to accompany them.

Discretion and confidentiality is a pre-requisite of successfully managing the process for a desk and/or team move and therefore detailed intelligence research from an earlier market mapping process is essential.

Based upon the intelligence gained the strategy will be defined as:

  • Individual targeted approach – single or multiple firms
  • Combined approach for multiple candidates – confidential
  • Combined approach – open communication

Once the relevant strategy has been implemented it is constantly reviewed and assessed for overall effectiveness against the predetermined parameters for success.

Any changes to the strategy are presented and agreed prior to implementation and the review process begins again.

Information on every stage of the process is provided as ‘live information’ in a shared online document for ongoing review and contribution from all parties involved.

Establishing a settled team may take further adjustments over a period of time, to get the right balance, especially if from different firms.

This may mean replacement and/or additional hires may be sought.

During this transition period and up to 12 months following the last hire FINCO Search remains actively involved to ensure success is attained in its intended entirety.

For further information on the Desk and Team Move intermediary services from FINCO Search then please contact us:

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USA +1 646 813 9703
APAC +65 3158 1080

Our Sister Brand

FINCO Search is partnered with the commodity headhunter, Imperium Commodity Search under the MET Recruitment umbrella.  Visit Imperium Commodity Search


If you are considering your options in order to increase the scale of your business in a particular product or geographical location then FINCO Search is ideally situated to support you in this  space.

Whether you are looking at a strategic hire, a team move or a part or full merger/acquisition then our partners are well placed to impart their knowledge of the sector to support your ambitions.

For more information on the strategic acquisition of  a complete business or a unit within a business then please click here.

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If you have knowledge or interest in being part of a strategic Team Move from your current organisation or have specific information in relation to an openness at your firm for a discussion on a merger or acquisition then you can contact FINCO Search in confidence. 

With absolute discretion, with NDAs if required, we can steer your next move/opportunity in the direction which best serves your ambitions. 

Send us a message and a Partner of the firm will come back to you at your convenience.

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